Articles on Linux

Install PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu Linux

04 December 2010

My notes installing PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu Linux.


LFTP Cheatsheet

19 November 2010

LFTP is command-line FTP client for Linux and Mac. I'm dumping some common commands into a post for reference.


Upgrading Ubuntu and PostgreSQL Using do-release-upgrade

31 October 2009

Just some notes on upgrading Ubuntu to 9.10 and PostgreSQL to 8.4 using do-release-upgrade.


Wildcard Rename Files on OS X, Unix, and Linux

05 June 2009

In these examples, we are replacing the “abc” prefix with a “def” on a number of files.


Install Ubuntu Server Edition, Rails, PHP, Passenger, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

25 May 2009

What follows are my notes while installing Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and the full Rails/PHP/SQL stack: Rails, Passenger, PHP, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Hopefully it will be of some value to the community.


Linux Security: Public-Key Authentication

25 May 2009

How to tighten security and use passwordless logins on a Linux box using Public-Key Authentication. This article was tested on Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition. It should be similar on most Linux dists and UNIX variants.


Install Subversion on Ubuntu Linux

02 February 2009

The following article outlines how to install the Subversion source-control system on Ubuntu Linux and expose it over the SVN+SSH protocols.


Setup Postfix to Allow Email to be Sent from Mail and Sendmail

24 December 2008

This article outlines how to configure Ubuntu Linux to allow the command-line applications, Mail and Sendmail, and likewise programming languages, to send email through your ISP’s mail server (eg, Gmail).


Redundant Backup Solution Using Shell Script, Rsync, and Cron

19 December 2008

How to create a recurring nightly backup with native Linux tools.