Practice Plan

28 November 2017

My bass-guitar practice plan


What I Learned (or Confirmed) After Seven Years With Rails

25 February 2016

A recap of 7 years of Web Development with Ruby on Rails, in the hopes this may benefit other Devs.


How To Get Any Video Into iTunes and Apple TV Fast With No Quality Loss While Maintaining the 5.1 Soundtrack

10 November 2012

You can get just about any video into Apple TV; you just have to know the rules and proper conversion techniques so that no quality is lost in conversion, the 5.1 soundtrack survives, and the conversion takes 2 minutes rather than 2 hours.


Install PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu Linux

04 December 2010

My notes installing PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu Linux.


Server-Side Email on OS X

27 November 2010

How to set up server-side email on the Mac, so web pages can send email.


Install Rails 3 on OS X with Devise, RSpec, HAML, and jQuery Support

26 November 2010

My notes while installing Rails 3 on OS X, with support for Devise, RSpec, HAML, and jQuery.


Install PostgreSQL 9 on OS X

25 November 2010

The easiest way to install PostgreSQL on Mac OS X using Homebrew.


LFTP Cheatsheet

19 November 2010

LFTP is command-line FTP client for Linux and Mac. I'm dumping some common commands into a post for reference.